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Haut Blush Vineyards

  • reverse logos
  • Descriptive Illustrations
  • HBV Logo styles
  • Haut Blush Vineyards
  • Glass Design
  • Billboard
  • Cork Design
  • color scheme (1)
  • Typography Poster
  • Web Banner

Project Description

Corporate Identity

Haut Blush is a new vineyard that specializes in sparkling wines. Haut Blush needed help establishing a logo and label designs for the five wines they are producing, Brut, Dry, Extra Dry, Rose, and Reserve. The company name was created by the high altitude at which the grapes are grown, given the first word, “Haut”, meaning the highest altitude. The second term, “Blush” refers to the process in which the skin of the red grapes is mixed with the white wine to give the blush color. Since the company has the blush wine and the reserve is a mix of the blush, they decided Haut Blush, was a good mixture of the products the company offers.

Project Details


  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • Indesign
  • Sketchbook Pro