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The Kalianna Experience

July 15, 2023 @ 4:00 pm 8:00 pm

“The Kalianna Experience”

A One Day Pop-Up Exhibition 4-8pm

This pop-up exhibition is a curated, one day, immersive experience. Featuring the original art by Kalianna, this exhibition will showcase the full “Goddess Series”, selected paintings from her “Signature Collection”, digital masterpieces, and a few of her Avant-Garde jewelry creations. We will be ending the evening with a special announcement and showcase surprise. Experience the Immersive installation of personal affirmations and messages casted from the ceiling throughout the entryway.

Welcoming Ceremony :

Introduction and Libation 4-4:30pm

We will open the exhibition with a Libation prayer from Kalianna followed by welcoming remarks, dedications, and a thorough elaboration of the scheduled itinerary for the evening. You are more than welcome to come and go as you please, However, following the itinerary is highly recommended to enjoy the full experience from beginning to end as every segment is interactive and intriguing. Please come with full intentions to explore not only visually, but mentally, spiritually, and physically! Enjoy “The Kalianna Experience”!!!

The Goddess Series :

Vow of Silence Experiment 4:30-5:30pm

Participate in the vow of silence experiment while exploring the “Goddess Series” room. A waiver must be signed to participate in the vow of silence and a journal will be distributed for participants to express their thoughts and opinions by taking notes. This experiment will start at approximately 4:30pm after the welcoming introduction and libation. Once you are in the “Goddess Series” room, we ask that you please refrain from any talking or other forms of communication to allow yourself and other participants to fully engage in the activity. Note taking is highly recommended. We also ask that you keep all electronic devices on vibrate or silent so there is no interruptions and phone calls can be made outside of the activity room.

Group Discussion 5:30-6:30pm

At approximately 5:30pm, we will then gather for a group discussion after the experiment is complete. For anyone who would like to share about their experience or feedback about participating in the vow of silence, they will have an opportunity at this time. The discussion will last about an hour for everyone to have an opportunity to speak. If you prefer to have a one-on-one discussion with the artist about your experience, you are more than welcome to contact Kalianna via phone (843.513.5506) or email (info@kalianna.art) to share your thoughts.

Anyone is welcomed to join the group discussion whether you have participated in the experiment or not though it is highly recommended that you participate during the suggested time so you will have a better understanding of everyone’s point of view. You will still have an opportunity to view the “Goddess Series” room after and during the group discussion segment, but please remember that at any point you are in the room, you are to practice your VOW of silence respectfully. (Even if you are the only person left).

Intermission 6:30-7:15pm

From 6:30 to 7:15pm, there will be an intermission. This is a chance to check out the merchandise tables located in the front lobby and view all of the other art in the exhibition.

Closing Ceremony :

Special Announcements and Showcase Surprise 7:15-8pm

To end the night, at approximately 7:15 -8pm, Kalianna will give her closing remarks, dedications, and make her special announcement and present the closing showcase surprise.

Photograph Disclaimer: There will be a photographer on site capturing moments during the entire exhibition. If you do not want to be photographed or don’t want your photo posted on social media, please let me know by July 13th 2023 @ 7pm. After this time, If I have not received a notification that you do not want to be captured, I will assume you are comfortable with any photos that are taken with you presented in them. Thank you for understanding. – Kalianna

Mature Audience Disclaimer: This exhibition is for all ages, however, it is highly recommended to have a discussion with your children about our VOW of silence activity. If you, as the parent, are not confident in your child being able to participate in this activity without following the rules and/or uncomfortable with your child viewing paintings of unclothed muses, please refrain from having them participate. The art in this exhibition is not to be intentionally sexualized but to be appreciated for the representation of natural human anatomy and beauty. – Kalianna